Chiropractic Education in Baxter

Chiropractic Education in Baxter MN

At Hedlund Chiropractic, education is a big part of our practice. We offer a weekly workshop to give our patients and community members the knowledge to improve their health. We also offer many other workshops to choose from; attend one, or attend them all! Your guide to better health starts here!

Structured for Health Workshop
During our weekly Structured For Health workshop, we discuss how and why pain is so prevalent. We discuss current research and why chiropractic care should be your first thought for back and neck pain. Click here to sign up.

Structured for Nutrition
Our Structured for Nutrition workshop is a fantastic way for people to incorporate nutrition into their health. In this presentation, you will learn how to reduce inflammation naturally without the use of drugs or medication. Click here to sign up.

Best Posture Workshop
For those looking to improve their posture, our Best Posture Workshop is a fantastic option. Get tips on combating Text Neck Syndrome and other posture faux pas to improve your posture. Click here to sign up.

Free Workplace Workshops
Not only do we promote personal health, but healthy workplace habits as well. We have been providing free workplace workshops around Central Minnesota since 2006 and would love to visit your business. Call our office if you are interested in inviting Dr. Hedlund to speak at your company free of charge.

How to have More Energy at the End of the Day Workshop
Our How to have More Energy at the End of the Day Workshop is our most popular workshop. We discuss simple strategies to improve your energy in the workplace such as how to set up your workstation properly. Click here to request a workshop at your office.

Enhance Your Lifting Skills
In this 1 hour presentation, you’ll not only learn how to lift properly, but some simple exercises to prevent back pain and reduce the chances of developing a bulging disc or other health issues. Click here to request a workshop at your office.


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